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End-to-end design, development and management of any financial infrastructure system

An increasingly tech-savvy generation, driven by improved access to the internet, is challenging governments all over the world to keep up with their digital lifestyles. National systems are under pressure to match the booming adoption rates of new digitized services. They look to technology providers to support them in this incremental effort.

However, like the story of the blind men and the elephant, most technology providers have only a limited understanding of the business, technology and operations landscape. This leads to piecemeal technology patches which only add layer upon layer of complexity for the customer.

Intellect brings a full spectrum of digital solutions, backed by proven implementations in complex, nation-building systems around the world. We bring an intimate understanding of financial systems and a unique design thinking perspective. We drive holistic, citizen-centric, digital outcomes that are scalable, flexible and robust. Technology solutions that stand the test of time and adapt to the needs of a vibrant, changing economy.

Intellect eGovernance Solutions

Comprehensive portal solutions with addictive UI and 360-degree workflow view

However sophisticated the technology, an eGovernance system can achieve widespread adoption only with an intuitive, highly efficient portal solution. The ideal portal must not only reflect the rigour of workflow processes to maintain user confidence, it must also weave in the advantages of automation and advanced digitisation. But that's not all. The portal must also provide a granular view of the entire system, as we as actionable insights at the touch of a button. Is that a tall ask? We don't think so.

Portal Solutions

The Intellect Digital Microservices Framework (iDMF) is the reference architecture for a comprehensive portal solution that facilitates both automation and Straight Through Processing (STP) that ensures comprehensive visibility. A rule based decision support system guides workflows and allow workload to be managed at the right level. The model is scalable and extremely agile. While business intelligence and analytics enable real time reporting, world class security will give confidence to the users that their information is secure.

In other words, a portal is not just skin deep. It is an effective window to a world of efficiency and trust.

Progressive, painless digital transformation of core business systems

A strong core system of technology is the bedrock on which digital aspirations can be realised. Financial systems are in a perpetual series of tug-of-wars — between increasing revenue and reducing cost, between operational efficiency and enhanced user experience, between Digital In and Digital Out. To fulfil both ends would take a tremendous understanding of three vital dimensions of an enterprise — Business, Technology and Operations. Intellect brings exactly that to the table.

We specialise in designing, implementing and supporting core business systems for any financial infrastructure. Armed with deep knowledge accrued over more than 25 years in the BFSI and FinTech space, we bring the irresistible benefits of progressive modernisation to any core system — automatic digitisation in a planned and phased manner, without any interruption to services.

Core Systems

This is why Intellect is the trusted Managed Service Provider (MSP) for wide ranging institutions all over the globe. From Central Banks in India, Sweden, Seychelles, Lesotho and Armenia; complex financial systems like the LIC and AMFI, and pioneering digitisation efforts like GeM.

A comprehensive digital suite for new businesses as well as post-issue servicing

Digitisation is the easy part. It simply involves translating real world data and processes into relevant digital formats and channels. The true touchstone of an e-Governance system is distribution.

An e-Governance system can be effective only if every participant is able to get what they want, and every element on the platform fulfils its purpose. For instance, faster product creation and rollout, a space for buyers and sellers to discover each other quickly, avenues for efficient servicing of the entire product range.

iGov's Digital Distribution services bring modern, scalable and easy to implement software that works across multiple devices and channels. The out-of-the-box technology comes with prebuilt APIs enabling easy integration with legacy systems. A single platform that supports the entire lifecycle of a product from creation to deployment to sales and through to service, is proof of customer-centricity.


Available on the cloud and on premise as well, it liberates stakeholders from paperwork and from needless juggling between different systems so they can focus on their core tasks.

Providing seamless, efficient, economical and transparent delivery of services

Digitized, citizen-centric e-Governance systems are subjected to tremendous expectations and scrutiny. Managing to maintain security, fidelity and transparency of processes without giving up on customer experience is something that Intellect has proven capabilities in, many times over.

egovernance solution

We deliver Information and Communication Technology services from Government-to-Citizen (G2C), Government-to-Business (G2B), Government-to-Government (G2G), and Government-to-Employees (G2E), as well as back office processes and interactions within the entire government framework. e-Governance simplifies the process of management by motivating good governance to the citizens, businesses as well as the State and Central machinery. Especially those that seek transparency, minimal errors, reduced corruption, simplified access to official information, sustained availability, and time and cost effectiveness in their services.

By transforming themselves into a digital government, they are achieving their mission to provide their customers with trustworthy, precise and scalable products in a smarter and a cost- effective way. With our engagements with the financial infrastructure of many nations, including this very portal (GeM), we are confident of bringing lasting value to your eGovernance requirements.

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